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Marshmellow helps you earn by helping others learn. Conduct classes, consultations, connect with people, and share content. But that’s not all. It also lets you monetize your skills and start earning from day one.

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How does it work?


The Why.

Marshmellow is born out of a sense of necessity. Almost everyone, regardless of social and economic background, has a smartphone. But not everyone has access to the right resources, good education, or employment opportunities. The idea for Marshmellow came from the realization that only a small fraction of people understand that job opportunities favor those with the required skills, not a degree. And only people with skills can help others learn skills. Some people are self taught but again, this is only a small fraction. A large percentage of people miss out on existing opportunities just because they don’t have resources, don’t know where to look, or they’ve been misled by advertising. We want to democratize process of learning.

The How.

This is how it started but we realized that just people learning skills is half the battle. They need to know how to monetize their skills and moreover, they need ways to find opportunities and make their own opportunities. Marshmellow is about helping people be independent, support themselves, and find multiple sources of revenue while putting themselves out there into the world.
Marshmellow is not an Edtech app. It is social app that lets you Share, Monetize & Learn.


The Marshmellow app offers tools for teachers, artists, and other service providers to be independent and self-employed, be entrepreneurs. A place where they don’t have to go looking for opportunities, they create them – Powered by Web3 & Blockchain.

See what's under the hood


Classes & Consultations

  • Schedule classes & Consultations.
  • Teach classes & conduct sessions via video call.
  • Sell your study materials & notes.
  • Create batches.

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Chat & Socialize

  • Chat with friends and clients.
  • Share, videos, audio, files.
  • Video calls & audio calls.
  • Create group chats.

Live Events

Experience Events in VR

  • Stream events live.
  • Stream event in VR.
  • Experience VR events with your smartphone, with any VR headset.
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Ticketing screens

Create & Sell Tickets

  • Generate tickets for your events.
  • Validate tickets at venues.
  • Sell tickets to your gigs.


Sell Merch & NFTs

  • Sell T-Shirts, Hats, and any Merchandise.
  • Buy & Sell NFTs.
  • Use Credit Cards, UPI, and Crypto.
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Wallet & Staking

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Use crypto & Subscribe

  • Send, receive, hold crypto.
  • Make purchases.
  • Stake TOFY to access features (subscription).


Build your brand

  • Share video content.
  • Share exclusive content to paid members.
  • Request to join classes & sessions
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Marshmellow (TOFY) is the utility token of the platform. It is a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain Network but the tokenomics is a little different from what most users might be use to. In many ways, it’s easier to use. However, you don’t need TOFY to use Marshmellow or start earning inside the app. But if you want to generate passive income, if you want discounts, and want to access certain additional features, you will need TOFY. But the tokenomics as we mentioned is a little different.

Token Details

Token Name: Marshmellow
Token Symbol: TOFY
Network: Polygon (MATIC)
Max Total Supply: 200,000,000 TOFY
Decimals: 18
Token Address: 0x4857a4CF0dd7e7df31ef826c52521648d846A9b9

Subscription via Staking

Subscriptions to access Marshmellow features does not require you to pay on each billing cycle. That’s right. Marshmellow has a Staking-based subscription system.

Subscription flow
Staking and subscriptions


Vijoy COO
Vijoy George
Co-Founder & COO
Vinayak Rajagopalan
Blockchain Consultant
Razik Zain V
Operations Manager